How to Configure the Best Yoast SEO Settings 2020

Yoast SEO is a good plugin for SEO, in this guide you will learn how to configure the best Yoast SEO settings at the beginning.

In order to better display your content and rank higher on Google, you need to learn how to configure the best Yoast SEO settings for this plugin, it was the most comprehensive SEO plugin in the WordPress. As a beginner, I recommended configure below points and these will help you get a better display in Google search result. The more advance configures you can set up when you’re familiar with it.

OK, let’s dive in the action steps for configure the Yoast SEO plugin.

How to install the Yoast SEO plugin? Log in to your WordPress dashboard and find the plugin>>add new, type the Yoast SEO in the search bar, install and activate.

install yoast seo plugin

Configuration #1 Verify the Google,Bing,Yandex Search Engines

Back to the dashboard find the Yoast SEO plugin>>General and choose the Webmaster Tools tab.

Let’s verify the google first, click the Google seach console and it will redirect to the google webmaster central as below images shows. Select the HTML tag and copy the indicate code in webmaster and back to the yoast seo and paste on the relative search engine blank area and save changes. then back to google webmaster to verify the website.

Copy the codes and paste on the google search engine blank area and save changes.

paste on the code and save changes

Final steps, back to the Google webmaster central and click the verify button and complete veriffication.

complete google verification

Use the same method to verify Bing and Yandex search engine, you can use the google account to login to the Bing and Yandex webmaster and find the html tag and copy the code paste on the relative blank and save changes.

Configuration #2 Optimzed the SEO title and meta description.

As you can see below screenshot shows the search result when we type search in Google. The good SEO title and meta description that can let users get the right information as fast as they want.

Find the Yoast SEO menu and click on Search Appearance

optimize the seo title and meta description

In my expereicen that at the beginning these two places setting configure is ok, other areas you can keep in default or you can changes when you falimar with it.