How to Set Up Contact Form 7 for Your WordPress Website 2020

This post was a tutorial for setup contact form for wordpress site

set up contact form 7

Adding a contact form is very important if you want to receive feedback from your audience and keep in touch with them. You can use the free version of the Contact Form 7 plugin. Following this tutorial, you will learn how to set up contact form for your website.

OK, let’s jump into the action steps for set-up.

Find the Plugins>> Add new and then type contact form 7 in the search bar and find the first one plugin as below image shows, click install and activate.

install and acitivate contact form 7


After activate the contact form 7 plugin, find the Contact tab on dashboard and click start to configure and edit the contact form.

edit contact form 7

Basic Setup Method

Click the Edit button and enter into the contact form configure page. If you do not need to customize your contact form then you can copy the shortcode as below red circle and paste on the newly created page.


On the mean time, you should configure the correct email on the Mail tab as below iamge show. This email shoud use your domain email address, eg. [email protected]

configure email address


If you have not created an email account for your domain, you can log in to the Siteground account and creating an email account belongs to your domain, following the below image shows step.

Log in the siteground account, select Website tab and click the relative domain Site tools button.

select site tools


Enter the domain dashboard, find the Email >>Accounts and create the email account as you want.

create email account


After your setup the email tab, then you can paste the shortcode to the contact page.


Click view the page, you will see the setup contact form as below screenshot.

contact us page

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